Proof of Concept (POC) Development Company India

A proof of concept (POC) is a project that focuses on determining whether or not an idea can be made a reality. A proof of concept is used to determine whether an idea is feasible or to ensure that it will work as intended.

It serves as a blueprint for any blockchain-based project and functions without the need for any supporting code or a minimum viable product (MVP). POC can help you communicate your idea and demonstrate its global applicability in any domain.

Versai Technology is an ideal platform for developing proof-of-concept projects. We devote ourselves to each step of the project's preparation to delivery so that you get exactly what you require.

Areas of POC

POC has a wide range of applications in a variety of genres which are listed below.


Management of Medical Records

For creating a form for documenting or tracking records, using MVPs correctly is helpful.


Tracking Electoral Mechanism

Correctly preparing demonstrations of voting mechanisms through the use of interesting technicalities.


Identity Management

Identity management has been proven to be effective with complex facilities that aid in the management of databases for countless entities.


Record keeping

It's ideal for creating a real-time manifestation of storage using the blockchain-based structure.


Framing Insurance policies

Ensuring that all of the policy's limitations and conditions are conveyed flawlessly through implementations.


Legal Documentation

Using a sample rather than a usable and applicable document is the most efficient way to keep the legal documents safe.


POC stages

POC projects go through three stages before taking a full-fledged form. We take care of all these stages with expertise and skills.

Theoretical build-up

The beginning of POC project starts with a theoretical tour through the solutions and methods your project employs & applies.


The next phase is when the project gets a nod from stakeholders and all the solutions take a material form through the presentations.


The final stage takes place through testing of the given solutions, this becomes the moment of truth for the project and its feasibility.

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