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Goods and their supplies are centrally managed through a process known as a supply chain. Miscellaneous items and their prices need to be documented on a regular basis. The total cost of goods incurred by the company is further impacted by taxes and duties.

Supply chain management oversees all these processes, starting with the initial shipment of goods and continuing until they are delivered to retail outlets or manufacturing facilities. Server-based paperwork and massive databases have been used to complete this task.

Decentralized distributed ledger developed by Versai Technology helps to document the transactions, making the whole process transparent, efficient, and easy to use. Information can be easily accessed while keeping the network secure. Smart contracts and escrows are now a part of the supply chain, thanks to the advent of blockchain technology.

Supply Chain Management Service

We use blockchain-enabled services to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. Better mechanisms for maintaining various aspects of business in the most comprehensive and precise manner are now possible thanks to this new technology.


Catalog management

We help to maintain a secure and cryptic catalog which only you can have access to.


Price management

We enable you to manage prices with precision and effectiveness


Managing orders

We streamline your ordering procedure.


Managing requisitions

All the requisition documents are arranged in order.


Managing quotations

Tracing back the history to retrieve price quotes becomes easy.


Hassle-free Invoicing

Hassle-free and fast invoicing on a peer-to-peer architecture.

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How blockchain streamlines your Supply chain process

Improve your inventory control

Things are counted in sets in order to manage inventory in the Blockchain system. Since it is easier and safer to save the record, there is no risk of losing the information.

Prevent Fraud by Eliminating Manual Errors

Supply chain errors and fraud are introduced into the system through the many delivery channels. Everything is recorded digitally from the source of origin, so there is no room for human error.

Faster and Cheaper Delivery

Many duties and taxes in the supply chain cause transportation costs to spike from time to time. By eliminating all the middlemen, blockchain reduces this additional burden.

Improves Customer-Retailer Relationship

You will have better relationships with your customers, retailers, or partners if you are more open and efficient in your business practices. Forgery is eliminated completely thanks to the use of blockchain technology.

Attributes of Supply chain

Cryptographic Ledgers

By keeping the cryptographic ledgers, blockchain protects all the transactions to be viewed by anyone outside the network, it is the safest way to save transactions.

No third party involvement

Peer-to-peer architecture precludes all the intermediaries and allows only the two trading parties to deal with each other.

Share Datasets

With the help of datasets, it makes sure the transactions are easily accessible to the members of the network without any hindrance.

Secured, transparent and trustable

The transactions done over blockchain remain safer than any other mechanism or paper. It gives authenticity, transparency and security.


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