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The future of the web application development company is in blockchain technology, which is emerging as one of the major software development technologies. Information stored in a blockchain can be considered secure because blockchain applications are completely decentralized and each transaction is time-stamped. Selling, purchasing, or obtaining funding all have an element of value.

Versai Technology as a leading Blockchain developer company in India has extensive expertise and experience in developing blockchain based applications and ecosystems.

Our BlockChain Development Services

Blockchains Services Industry wise

Blockchain for Banking & Financial Markets

Strengthening the banks and markets with a safer environment. Bringing transparency into every process, making global transactions cheaper & fast.


Blockchain for Retail & Consumer Goods

Expediting the Point of Sale transactions and keeping the whole business streamlined. Improving the services for the consumers and increasing growth.


Blockchain for Government

Making the judicial and constitutional proceedings faster without multiple channels of access to information, rendering the work transparent and quick.

Blockchain for Healthcare

Boosting the whole sector information security of patients' data, helps in stopping the unauthorized sharing of medical records to distrusted sources.


Blockchain for Insurance

Changing the industry which is full of dossiers into a smarter, faster and more efficient domain, making the claims and payments way faster than before.

Blockchain for Real Estate and Property

By introducing smart contracts and escrows, real estate get standardized as it never was. It helps in giving the right price and value to brokers or owners.

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