Integrate Blockchain with IoT for Better Results

IoT (Internet of Things) is a mechanism that enables possible communication between physical devices and appliances, including vehicles, wearable devices, smartphones, home appliances, and gadgets. IoT uses advanced technologies, sensors, RFID chips to bridge the gap between an object and human communication.

IoT is slowly but steadily becoming prevalent in all walks of life. In such a scenario, security remains a considerable concern, where Blockchain comes into play. While making an intricate IoT network simpler and effective by integrating with the distributed ledger, Blockchain can also make the whole network highly secure.

Versai Technology combines Blockchain with IoT and attains the most favorable results, such as more validation and a robust framework. We deploy Blockchain within the IoT mechanism to enhance the capability of IoT solutions while simultaneously making the environment cohesive, secure, and faster.

How do we deploy Blockchain within the IoT mechanism?

We provide solutions in the most organized, rendering block validation manner, which leverages both the technologies and gives out the best.


Figure out the trouble

Figuring out the exact nature of a problem is always the first step towards a solution. Hence, our adept team will have detailed discussions and understand the pain point to find out the exact problem.



After we find out the fault, we straightway work on finding the relevant solution. We even trace the origin of the issue and forge ways to resolve it.


Creating the troubleshooting app

Once we find the solution, our developers start working on an app that can solve the posed problem efficiently. The app is tested through all highs and lows to check its efficiency and real-time usefulness.


Rolling out the app

Once the app is created and tested to satisfaction, we roll it out for use and monitor the conduct and performance of the app at various levels.


Further improvements and support

Even after rolling out, we ensure that the app is performing as per the expectation in providing a solution to the problem. Thereafter our tech team remains vigilant in providing assistance and if any update is required.

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