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Every manufacturer and retailer can now reach their customers thanks to e-commerce. You can grow your company to gigantic proportions with the help of this platform. An e-commerce development company must be able to understand your needs and deliver exactly what you want.

With innovative solutions and a focus on promoting your brand, Versai Technology can help you succeed in your business goals. Our e-commerce websites and applications can help you achieve incredible success. We make it easy for you to rise to the top of this field.

Ecommerce Development

Our Services

Assembling the website with the user in mind, focusing on enhancing features and details so that information can be delivered quickly and effectively.

    Quick to respond (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

Maintaining a stable performance across a wide range of devices and operating systems, as well as ensuring that the website is free of bugs or lag time.

    eCommerce Apps for Mobile Devices

Creating mobile apps with the same level of precision and efficiency across all platforms, including Android and iOS, is an important goal.

    eCommerce Enterprise Development

Constructing an e-commerce company with a strategy based on providing customers with cutting-edge products and services.

    Production of CRM Solutions

CRM platforms or tools that can keep track of communications, complaints, and deliver quickly and accurately are essential.

    Optimizing E-Commerce Performance

Several parameters can be tweaked to improve platform performance, and audits can be performed on a regular basis to catch any glitches or latency.

    eCommerce Customization

Customizing platforms to meet specific needs and ensuring that they are up to date with any and all modifications results in maximum optimization.

Our Services

Custom eCommerce Solutions


Estore Development

Creating an E-store that can serve a large number of customers quickly and easily, while also providing a memorable shopping experience for those customers.


Solution for Online Bidding

Allowing businesses and customers to participate in a "Online Auction" to make the platform more user-friendly for both parties.


B2C Marketplace

In order to enhance and strengthen the relationship between the customer and the business, a tool is used to expedite orders and initiate deliveries.


Solution Providers

Assisting e-commerce websites and apps in maintaining their platform's basic architecture without affecting business operations.


Solutions for Ticket Sales

Adding the feature of booking/ticketing and providing solutions to issues related to it, and resolving every issue as quickly as possible, to increase the utility of the platform.


Inventory and Warehouses Management

The ability to store and manage data with track records through the use of comprehensive software that can manage inventory and warehouses.


Complete ERP/CRM systems

Enabling platforms to analyze their services from all angles by providing full-cycle ERP/CRM solutions for data collection, management, and interpretation.


Strategic planning for the entire supply chain

Provide applications that can track and manage the flow of goods, as well as the important details, for businesses in logistics and supply management.

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