STO Development Company

Security Tokens provide investors with more assurance and visible returns on their investment. It gives investors ownership over the securities and, in return, brings capital inflows into your company.

Versai Technology premium Security Token Offering Services includes legal consulting, whitepaper drafting, website development, and smart contract development. We meticulously plan out the entire campaign to ensure that our offering stands out from others. We also ensure that the tokens give you rewarding returns.

As a top STO Development Company, we ensure that our services are relevant to your business and that your investors get the most promising output for their investments. For this purpose, we use cutting-edge technology to create digital tokens, smart contracts, and wallets, among other things.

Types of Security Token Offering


Equity Token

Equity tokens give the token holders equal rights over distribution of dividends.


Asset Tokenization

Asset tokens are always backed by tangible assets like profits, derivatives and revenue of the holding entity.


Debt Token

Debt token is an indispensable way for startups to raise funds and investors to gain confidence of payback.

Security Token Offering (STO) Development Services


Developing Security Tokens

We develop digital tokens with cutting-edge technology to ensure that they can sustain your business without compromising the security of the investors and customers.


Developing exchange platform

We also build Avante-Garde exchange platforms for easy exchange of digital tokens. These platforms are capable of operating 24/7 without any hassle and glitch.


Marketing for the STO

A well-targeted marketing campaign is necessary for the success of the security token offering. The marketing ensures that potential investors are well-informed and confident about investing in your tokens.


Developing blockchain-based digital assets

We create tokens and other blockchain-based digital assets to keep everything on a decentralized distributed ledger. Doing so brings transparency and also accountability into your business.


Tokenized asset offering

We create tokens backed by tangible assets to ensure definite returns for investors. Tokens serve as a kind of authority over digital assets or property.


Equity token offering

Equity tokens are equally useful for business owners and investors for imparting the maximum value for mutual benefits. Hence, we create equity tokens to bring everyone more assurance, security, and level ground.

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Our relentless quest to achieve perfection keeps us one step ahead of many other service providers in this niche.