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Next Generation Gaming on Blockchain

The need for a robust and secure framework for online gaming platforms has been in demand ever since online video games became popular in recent years. From allocating the chips, bonuses, and rewards appropriately to making the platform secure from vulnerable hackings, blockchain can provide the most trustworthy solutions.

Versai Technology ardently follows ERC721 protocol while developing games on blockchain, thereby making the gaming portals immune to any hacking attempt. Along with delivering the safest gaming platforms, our gaming development team ensures each transaction of the virtual assets on the platform is anonymous and cryptic.

Features Of Blockchain Game Development

We integrate the core functions of blockchain into the gaming portal and make it safer, faster, and way more efficient.



Having everything in place at the backend ensures that the game moves at a steady pace. Cryptography and time stamps are used to distribute information in blocks, ensuring the integrity of the game's assets.


Smart Contract

The details of a transaction are validated by smart contracts. It focuses on the tiniest of changes that take place across the entire system. In order to keep track of their assets, games can use smart contracts, which have precise calculations and results.


Ownership Of Assets

As a result of the advent of blockchain, in-game items such as reward points and weapons take on a completely new shape in the form of tokens. Players and developers can even create their characters and convert into digital assets.


Optimized Blockchain

We optimize blockchain mechanisms to give the gaming platform a faster ecosystem by reducing the processing time of block validation, making the result quick and simple. We assess the platform's privacy level and make it secure as a result of our cutting edge technologies.

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